Parent Assist Information

Parent Assistant  is an online resource for parents to access important information concerning your child.
A few reminders:

  • At the start of a new term teachers may just begining grading and adding new work. It could be a week or so before you will see your students current grade.  Here is more information on grading issues: 
  • Clarification on Grades
    • Also read the Direction for Use document to determine who to call for answers to various questions about parent assist.
  • Parent Assist is NOT AVAILABLE during NCWISE mainetnance weekends:  You can find
    • a listing of maintenance weekends on the NCWISE website:

  • Also, parents are welcome to come to our school and log-in on a computer here at
    school.  At school parents may log-in to computers with the user name: parent,
    pw: "parent".
  • For parents without internet access at home, there are a couple
    of other options:

The following links maybe helpful:
Clarification on Grades