Friday, August 19, 2016

General Announcements
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TJMS is excited to have Dr. Helms as our new Principal. We are looking forward to a great year!!
In an effort to reduce the crowding and traffic of our typical evening Open House, we are making an earlier session available to 6th grade families only.  Because they will already be picking up their child from 6th Grader Orientation, 2:15-3:30 has been set aside for those parents and students to stay at Jefferson to walk their schedule and meet their teachers.  This will keep them from having to return to the school later in the evening, while also removing the overlap with HS Open Houses some families may experience.  Any sixth grade parents who are unable to attend this session are welcome to bring their child to the later session, but the earlier session is highly recommended.  Sixth graders may not stay until 3:30 without a parent, because there will be no supervision provided.  Our 7th and 8th grade students, most of whom already know the school, should then plan to attend the 5-7pm Open House to meet their teachers.  Please be sure to read the information below about each specific event.
12:15-1:55  6th Grade Orientation (Students Only)
Sixth graders should be dropped off at the front of the school for this exciting Orientation Session.  They will meet teachers, tour the building, and learn about the TJMS community.  This is HIGHLY encouraged for all rising sixth graders.   
    -Parents picking up their child and leaving should plan to arrive at TJMS at 1:55 (there will be significant traffic, so don't worry if you are waiting in line to get to the school at that time).  Please make sure your child knows that they will be picked up, so that they are sent to the correct location at 1:55.  Wait in line to pull through the front driveway, as students will wait at the front of the school for parents to arrive.  Do not park in the lot, as these spaces will be used by people staying for the first Open House Session.  
2:15-3:30    6th Grade Parent Open House
Just like Open House later in the evening on 8/24, teachers and classrooms will be open for sixth grade parents/students to visit from 2:15-3:30.  The goal of this is to reduce the overall traffic of the 5:00-7:00 Open House.
    -Parents staying for the Open House session from 2:15-3:30 should not arrive until 2:15, thereby allowing 20 minutes for students going home to be picked up.  Please park in the bus parking lot and gravel lot until they are filled, as this will allow for a more fluid student pickup for those individuals not staying.  When you arrive, please enter the building and go into the gym, where all sixth graders who are staying will be organized alphabetically by last name.  Once you meet up with your child, feel free to visit his/her teachers, tour the building, check on bus transportation, etc!  Remember to bring your schedule so that you know what teachers to visit.  This will end promptly at 3:30 so teachers have time to finish preparing for the second Open House at 5pm.
5:00-7:00   TJMS Open House
This Open House is for all 7th and 8th graders, as well as 6th grade families who were unable to stay from 2:15-3:30.  Remember to bring your schedule so that you know what teachers to visit.  
First day of school is Monday, August 29th. First bell rings at 7am, tardy bell at 7:25am and  dismissal at 2pm
TJMS Teams
6th Grade
Investigators - Hall, Key; Challengers - Schmidt, Hobson; Heroes - Bennett, Clary; Knights -Booth, Atkins, Church, Augustine; Pirates - Smith, McDowell; Inspectors - Hartle, Morris, Storms
7th Grade
Samurais- Broadstreet, Huffman, Moon, Jones; Emperors - Fossa, Kennedy, Couch, Via; Huskies - Pace, Thacker, Lemay, Piner; Sultons - Anderson, Gupton
8th Grade
ICONS - Hamby, Love, Johnson, Stevenson; Webcrawlers - Neininger, Beno, Washing, Garwood; Surfers - Kadlac, Lane, Schnably, Cabanor; M-Pods - Buckingham, Bonner, Friel, Livengood

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